Smart Mahjongg™

Solitaire Game

Smart Mahjongg is the adaptation of a popular old Chinese board game especially for Windows Phone and Windows Mobile with Touchscreen. Other names are Mah Jong, Taipei, Taipeh or Shanghai. The objective of this tile matching solitaire version for single player, which is implemented in Smart Mahjongg, is to remove all 144 tiles from the board.

Smart Mahjongg

This game is an excellent tool to train your dexterity on the touchscreen. With many options of Smart Mahjongg the own preferences can be adapted.


  • multi language user interface (en, de, fr, es)
  • different tile sets and layouts
  • world wide highscore list
  • finger friendly

Smart Mahjongg is available for Windows based Smartphones (Windows Phone, Windows Mobile with Touchscreen).


Windows Phone 8

The story goes on...
Smart Mahjongg has been ported
to Windows Phone 8 and successfully passed Microsoft's certification process. Enjoy!

Download here...